At ROI-Bio Soil, we create Elemental Specific Demeter Certified Biodynamic Compost.

Backed by 9 years of Testing and Scientific Study, our certified biodynamic-organic compost was created for those who seek Health and Vitality and share our passion for healing the world from the ground up ^. Our Compost is guaranteed to produce the brightest colours, highest yields, flavors and fragrance you’ve experienced!



Our Mission is centered on “Health and Vitality.” We provide 7 specific blends to bring out the best qualities of each and every plant throughout its lifecycle. That means with our Compost, you can grow what ever you imagine is possible.

Our Tri-Fold Process of creating “Living Organic” soil is centered around biodynamics.


What is Biodynamics? Biodynamic means, ‘Biology that has been elevated into a dynamic state’. Based upon Lectures from the Rosicrucian Grand Master, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, he believed in “healing the planet through agriculture.” This is why we base all of our compost activities on his teachings, working with the moon cycles. We inoculate our farm sourced manure with all of the recommended biodynamic preparations, and use only locally sourced organic bio-mass materials in our compost blends.


We are Michigan’s First Demeter-Certified Biodynamic-Organic Compost Producer!

I wanted to use soil that wasn’t going to harm the land I live in and produce the crop I wanted ... Roi Bio-Soil is exactly what I needed.
— Jessie M., Keego Harbor, MI
I found ROI Bio-Soil when I was trying to find ways to use less resources and create the same yield. I am able to reduce watering and grow more in a shorter amount of time!
— Ken P., Armada, MI
It’s a challenge to find biodynamic farming products in the Midwest, I love ROI Bio-Soil! Thank you, Jamie for creating a truly GREEN business!
— Becca R., Grand Rapids, MI
My veggies and fruits are loving their new soil. My garden cannot get enough of it!
— Anna P., Birmingham, MI

It Was Always our Goal…

To empower everyone to grow their own food and medicine. That is why we developed an accurate farming calendar related to our exact coordinates, in complete harmony with the natural forces and living processes of Her Divine Earth. Interested in learning more? Please contact us for consultation, Contract growing, Master planning, Process Engineering, and purchasing.


There's a Bio-Soil blend for everyone!