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Healing the Planet Through Agriculture.

- Demeter Association, INC. 

ROI Bio-Soil is taking the Yields of Biodynamics to the next level, giving you the highest return on your investment. 


The soil we make is alive naturally. The biology is elevated ^ into a dynamic state, ready for seamless assimilation by all plant systems; manifesting into superior yields and measurable results. 


The forces of creation are alive and well in the living 'Organic Matter' of our soil.  Our Soil is an amplified form of Natures Tri-Fold Process.  It has been Alchemically guided to become living - fertility - creation.  Specifically crafted into all of the Elemental Kingdoms of Her Divine Nature. Each of our blends have been uniquely 'tuned' by the influence's of the Moons Forces as they stream through the four primary elemental houses, leading to record results! The patterns of nature, (Fire=Fruit,  Air=Flower, Water=Leaf and Earth=Root), have been harnessed and amplified for every crop type imaginable.

I wanted to use soil that wasn’t going to harm the land I live in and produce the crop I wanted ... Roi Bio-Soil is exactly what I needed.
— Jessie M., Keego Harbor, MI
I found ROI Bio-Soil when I was trying to find ways to use less resources and create the same yield. I am able to reduce watering and grow more in a shorter amount of time!
— Ken P., Armada, MI
It’s a challenge to find biodynamic farming products in the Midwest, I love ROI Bio-Soil! Thank you, Jamie for creating a truly GREEN business!
— Becca R., Grand Rapids, MI
My veggies and fruits are loving their new soil. My garden cannot get enough of it!
— Anna P., Birmingham, MI

There's a Bio-Soil blend for everyone.